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What is Iridolgy?

This is a simple and non-invasive involving the examination of the iris of the eye. The iris carries your individual ‘map’ of inherited and constitutional strengths and weaknesses along with a representation of your general state of well being.
Please note iridology is unsuitable for for anyone who has undergone eye surgery.

How is Iridolgy done?
The iris of each eye is examined using illuminated, magnifying lenses. Each organ and body system is represented in the iris and can usually be assessed for efficiency and/or potential weakness. Many health issues may relate to dysfunction in organs thought not to be directly connected (i.e. headaches and the liver).

What Iridolgy tell me?
Iridolgy is not used directly diagnose specific diseases. If you are facing health challenges, iridology can help identify what needs to be done, with regard to diet and lifestyle, to optimise your chances of improved health.